Climate Change

Global Temperatures Are Rising

The climate is neither stable nor constant; it has always existed in a state of change and flux. However, the extremities of change recorded since the 1900’s are primarily due to man’s impact on his environment. With ever -increasing rates of carbon emissions comes a rise in global temperatures, which in turn changes to weather patterns, causes sea levels to rise, and an increase in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events.

Comfort Adds To The Problem

At home, heating and cooling systems protect us from the extremities of the environment. However, ironically, most of these systems add to the climate change problem. Instead of setting up barriers against the climate, man has to learn to co-exist alongside his environment.

New Building Techniques

Some Architects recognizes the importance that the ever-increasing use of various buildings in gardens does not result in a disproportionate consumption of energy. Aware of the fragility, extremity, and predictability of the climate, ‘A’ frame architecture buildings are designed to unite comfort with ecological sustainability.

  • ‘A’ frame architecture garden buildings can potentially reduce our overall energy consumption and carbon emissions per head of population, having regard to the following:-
  • With people opting to work from home, we believe that for every three garden office buildings erected, one car would be taken off the road.
  • People are choosing to work from home often maintain the levels of heating associated with daytime occupation, to feel comfortable while they work. If they were to use a highly insulated garden building, requiring minimal heating during the winter and no cooling equipment during the summer, the heating and cooling in the primary home could be turned down to a background level during the working day.

Solar Doesn’t Have To Go On The Roof

With many people reluctant to put solar panels on their houses because they believe they are unsightly and spoil the appearance of the building and incur maintenance difficulties, they may consider putting solar panels on to a garden building to heat water for the primary home. The advantage is that a garden building can be positioned to give maximum efficiency to the solar panel system. Also, wind generators can be fixed to the garden buildings rather than to the roofs of the house and can generate more than 1.5kw.

The Advantages of Using Water Damage Restoration Services

Immediately After A Disaster

After a fire or flood in your Austin home, hundreds of thoughts will start running inside your head, on top of trying to deal with your loss.  There is the insurance company to call, the issue of where to temporarily house your family while your home is still unlivable, are there items left for salvaging, and many more.  Still, one major thing you have to give priority to is staring the cleanup process cleanup process immediately. To be able to tackle this efficiently you probably need to employ the services of a professional water damage restoration company who could immediately send a team of professionals to start the cleanup, do the repairs, and restoration of your property. Generally, these restoration companies can also deal with the insurance company as they will have the full information on the extent of damage and salvageable items so you could get a good claims settlement.

Flooded Home

Advantages of Hiring Professionals for Water Damage Restoration

There are a lot of advantages to getting the services to do the cleanup, repair and restoration job after a fire or flood.  But perhaps, the best benefit would be their ability to complete all the jobs required with efficiency and expeditiously. The restoration contractor can send a team of professionals to do multiple jobs all at the same time to bring back your home to almost its original condition in a shorter period. This will give you and your family a shorter waiting time to go back to your normal life. More importantly, it will lessen the time for secondary damages such as molds, mildew, and breeding of pests caused by water to set in. When you go back to your home, you will be sure that it has been certified safe and sound for re-occupancy. However, hiring a professional water damage restoration company has its downside too. It will be good to know the disadvantages before you decide whether you will do the cleanup, repair, and restoration yourself or entrust it to the restoration company.

The Disadvantage

Perhaps, the only downside to getting services of a professional restoration company to do the restoration of your damaged property is the cost.  Prepare to have at least a thousand dollars or more to pay for the cost of the services and the repairs. Still, if you have the right homeowner’s policy, all or the majority of the expenses can be claimed against it, which will then cancel out this disadvantage.


Having said this, the benefit of having your cleanup, repair and restoration job done by a professional restoration company will clearly compensate for its cost. We have to admit that with a homeowner’s physical and emotional state after experiencing a disaster, he/she will not be in the best position to undertake such a demanding job. Call your local Austin water damage repair company to find out more about their water damage restoration services.